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Friday, 8 July 2011

2011 New Designers, London

I attended the annual graduate exhibition in surface and jewellery design at New Designers. New Designers is always a meaty task as there is so much to see under one roof and lots of talent.
However there are some gems worth discovering :) Here's some things that caught my attention........

Catherine Carr knits beautiful crochet plates using glass! Each piece is completely unique and hand knitted and stunning. Visit Catherine's website at: www.catherinecarrglass.com
close up of knitted crochet glass plate.
catherine carr

Henrietta Scholes created delicate lace inspired cut outs. Visit her site at henrietta.scholes.blogspot.com
henrietta scholes
henrietta scholes

Jasmin Giles created these inventive chunky contemporary necklaces inspired by nature. Visit Jamin's site at www.jasmingiles.co.uk
jasmin giles

jasmin giles

Rosie Breeden merges ceramic and metal to create organic jewellery. Visit Rosie's site at www.rosiebreeden.com
rosie breeden

rosie breeden
 Laura Cet's jewellery didn't immediately capture me, not until Laura said I could touch it. What I thought was solid gold or plated gold was actually squidgy silicone - mimicing gold. I loved Laura's concept - challenging the monetary value of product - if cheap silicone can look like expensive gold, then wear it like it is :) Visit Laura's site at www.lauracet.co.uk
laura cet

Linsey Orr's surface pattern designs are strong in style and considered in colour. To me it says Marimekko meets kimono - simple clean geos overlapping and mixed with lovely texture. Really lovely work. You can visit Linsey's site at www.linseyorr.com

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