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I am a freelance printed surface designer - I create artwork for use in fashion (womenswear mainly), interiors and stationary and created this blog to share my inspirations, work in progress, and design interests.

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Saturday, 23 July 2011

Pepsi vs. Coca Cola Logo Design

Pepsi vs Coca Cola in logo design over the years. Taken from justcreative.com
I thought the fact that Coca Cola has kept the same logo over the years would prove it was a more popular brand than Pepsi - however it seems they are pretty neck and neck in terms of sales (just going by searching the net for figures - but I may be wrong)

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Suno, womenswear

New york based womenswear label Suno was founded in 2008 and started with a collection predominantly using vintage Kenyan fabrics. It has since evolved and launched a couple of really nice catwalk shows....





ss11 - absolutely love this dress



i heart DVF

I love Diane Von Furstenberg's last few collections specialising in graphic print.....simple but effective and good use of colour

resort 2012
resort 2012
pre fall 2011 up close


pre fall 2011 up close

Brick Box, Tooting Market exhibition

The lovely director of Brick Box Eleanor Barett invited me to develop the relationship between local children with their local market so I organised a rotating exhibition of art work by local schools in Tooting Market. The work looks amazing and the kids loved seeing their work on show in a public space!

activities inside the market

origami and nature print paper canvases, Year 5, Smallwood School
mondrian inspired work, Year 2, Gorringe Park School
abstract art, Gorringe Park School
pop art consumables, Gorringe Park School

Friday, 15 July 2011

portobello rd, london

a stretch of wall covered in a print of vinyl record sleeves

Wimbledon Tennis Championships

Some shots from the Wimbledon Tennis finale
friendly men's doubles 

The following are taken of the crowd on Henman Hill/Murray Mountain/Djokovic Dome......a great platform to see what people are wearing

Friday, 8 July 2011

2011 New Designers, London

I attended the annual graduate exhibition in surface and jewellery design at New Designers. New Designers is always a meaty task as there is so much to see under one roof and lots of talent.
However there are some gems worth discovering :) Here's some things that caught my attention........

Catherine Carr knits beautiful crochet plates using glass! Each piece is completely unique and hand knitted and stunning. Visit Catherine's website at: www.catherinecarrglass.com
close up of knitted crochet glass plate.
catherine carr

Henrietta Scholes created delicate lace inspired cut outs. Visit her site at henrietta.scholes.blogspot.com
henrietta scholes
henrietta scholes

Jasmin Giles created these inventive chunky contemporary necklaces inspired by nature. Visit Jamin's site at www.jasmingiles.co.uk
jasmin giles

jasmin giles

Rosie Breeden merges ceramic and metal to create organic jewellery. Visit Rosie's site at www.rosiebreeden.com
rosie breeden

rosie breeden
 Laura Cet's jewellery didn't immediately capture me, not until Laura said I could touch it. What I thought was solid gold or plated gold was actually squidgy silicone - mimicing gold. I loved Laura's concept - challenging the monetary value of product - if cheap silicone can look like expensive gold, then wear it like it is :) Visit Laura's site at www.lauracet.co.uk
laura cet

Linsey Orr's surface pattern designs are strong in style and considered in colour. To me it says Marimekko meets kimono - simple clean geos overlapping and mixed with lovely texture. Really lovely work. You can visit Linsey's site at www.linseyorr.com

Central St Martins, London BA Show 2011

I went to see the last ever CSM show at the Charing Cross site :( a shame to say good bye to the famous site....but it was looking sorry for itself I must say.

Anyway I didn't go to analyse the building, I went to see the BA Degree shows - Fashion and Fashion print.

I loved looking at the students' portfolio's and their concepts leading to their final shows. A few of my top picks include Ayako Oh, Annabel Luton and Flaminia Saccucci.

Ayako Oh - intricate flocked and printed aztec inspired patterns in gorgeous brights. I love the bags too.

Annabel Luton - textural prints using a sophisticated warm palette

Flaminia Saccucci - Striking feminine florals and masculine tyre printed latex garments

Monday, 4 July 2011

William Morris and Liberty Textile Printing, Merton, London

Sadly only information and revamped buildings from the printed textile workshops of William Morris and Arthur Liberty (founder of Liberty's Regent Street) in Merton Abbey Mills remain. I took photos of the information plaques which document the history of the print workshops. I can't believe this is all that is left considering that Liberty's is one of central London's shopping hot spots! It could of been a really great site had some of his actual workshop and printing blocks remained.

Liberty's former textile printing workshop

The printing workshop William Morris worked in

location along the River Wandle - perfect for washing out fabric dyes