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I am a freelance printed surface designer - I create artwork for use in fashion (womenswear mainly), interiors and stationary and created this blog to share my inspirations, work in progress, and design interests.

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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Contemporary Turkish, Saatchi

I'm often impressed by the Phillips De Pury shows upstairs in the Saatchi. This exhibition of contemporary Turkish art didn't fail to disappoint
Yasman Sasmazer
Yasman Sasmazer

 Satin and embroidered work by Ramazan Bayrakoglu 'The Sacred Fire of faith'

Close ups from Ebru Uygun's mixed media pieces.

Ardan Ozmenoglu 'Ataturk,' Screen printed Post-It notes

Cana Tolon 'Nature Morte' Rust and pigment

Friday, 15 April 2011

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

3 wonderful days spent at the enchanting Angkor Wat soaking up the incredible engravings and detailed carvings built since 800ad. Over time the temples were buried under trees and shrubs. They were eventually discovered in what was then a jungle by the French in 1800s. Tomb Raider was filmed here too

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Barbie jewellery

Margaux Lange

my graduate work

Designer: me, Photographer: Rebecca Tomassi, Stylist: Dirish Bansodeeb

I developed a series of rusted prints based on baroque imagery which darken and encrust over time. The idea was based around the quote "there's still life in this old dog" - basically beautifying aged surfaces, reinventing them, and bringing them back to life........making the world pretty

Hong Kong

Hong Kong is incredible. The buildings, food, culture....I love that they decorate their shop facades - sorry haven't got many photos to demonstrate this, but here's a few

tangled tubing - interiors shop

I visited the bird garden in HK, and love these mosaics.
pretty mosaic from the Hong Kong bird garden

Limitless design in HK................you can design your watermelon...........

  and you can design your dog...................................

poster in dog salon!
I like this free standing lit up wall

 I visited Macau island for the day - it is the Las Vegas of China - full of casinos (casinoes?). The buildings are insane.

Kuala Lumpar

I must go back to Kuala Lumpar - I was only there for 4 days. It's an interesting mix of religious temples, mosque-like ornate buildings and "Western" high rise office greyness. 

Religion and culture is diverse and I travelled down a road where a Sikh mosque sat next to a Christian Church which was next to a Buddhist Temple, next to another Chinese Temple, next to a Muslim school, next to a Christian school next to a Hindu Temple. You get the picture
KL from the sky, lots of palm trees and winding roads
the elegant exterior of the textile museum
decor on a Hindu Temple

the famous Patronas Towers

view from the Patronas Towers