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Sunday, 3 April 2011


Out of all the places I've been to, China was the biggest culture shock -food, mannerisms, language. China is fascinating - so rich in culture and history and I was continuously discovering something unbeknown and foreign to me. It somewhere I can't explain, you have to see for yourself really.
Outside The Forbidden City

Shanghai - indigo dyed textile swatches
building in Shanghai

Shanghai -embroidered binding shoes
 hand cut paper artwork
Shanghai crazy paving

Shanghai - window

The 798 District is the art district in Beijing. Everything from painting, sculpting, building.....you name the process, it's being done. It reminded me of walking into a fully active art college - open doors venting out a studio where someone's spraying, the sounds of saws and drills from another studio, someone taking their work outside to dry off, someone taking a fag break..... It is an interesting concentration of design and art

table and chair set

table and chair set

reverse relief painting

nice studio doors

traditional china ceramic styled wall

cute ceramic

Beijing Olympic Stadium and swim centre in day and night. 

Beijing - shopping centre. I like the crooked walls


traditional Chinese building. Stylised roof with thick tiles, decorative wooden beams and square panelled grills

Beijing - inside a tea room

traditional Chinese building

textured floor tiling
shop - Beijing
graffiti office front - Beijing

Tibetan heavily embroidered textiles
ceramic head

tube station
at the Olympic Stadium

Beijing shop with laser cut wooden panelling
Xian - doors
Xian paving

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