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Friday, 20 May 2011


My findings from my 5 day trip to Oman.....
love these silver swing bags 
silver head dress

decorative dome. This was taken from underneath a domed roof covering a seating area along the sea front
shell inlay boxes
gorgeous rugs
embroidered Omani men's hats called 'kuma' The men wear these
Omani men's silver daggers called kanjar - worn on special occassions.
I came across this amazing piece made of stones. Apparently it was worn by camel riders over their shoulders as a type of armour. I couldn't think of anything worse to wear in a dessert situation

 crumbling wall in an alley way
there was a contemporary exhibition of decorated  animals. This one stood out against all the white washed walls and stark desert scenery
photo of a photo in the Bait Muzna Gallery. I find  the face masks fascinating
photo from a photo in Bait Muzna Gallery. It's quite rare to see women still dressed like this - and even rarer to get a photo  as it's considered impolite

arch with handcuffs
a selection of abaya's - the Omani women's traditional dress
embroidered abaya
I got henna on my hands at a beauty salon. It was a very therapuetic experience and the lady was so fast doing it. It was fascinating seeing the local women come into the salon covered in their headscarves and then reveal themselves to get their hair cut.

the henna dries and  flakes off to reveal the stained skin

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